How to look gorgeous on a first date

A first impression is made in under seven seconds, so it is important to look your best. This requires a little bit of effort in grooming and clothes choice, but it is worth it to have your date be wowed.

Don’t use too much makeup, and keep the lipstick/gloss minimal. Powdering your nose or re-applying lip color signals you are high-maintenance.

1. Dress to Impress

When picking out an outfit, you’ll want to go with something that makes you feel confident and that is a representation of your personality. Avoid anything too short, figure-hugging, or that clings to the skin too much. These clothes will make you look sexy, but they’ll also give your date the impression that you’re a little too eager for sex or attention.

Instead, opt for a classic button-down shirt or wrap dress that nips in at the waist to create a flattering silhouette. Dress up your look with a nice pair of shoes and a stylish bag. For the perfect finishing touch, add a cute headband or clip or handcrafted jewelry that showcases your style. Lastly, stick with neutral colors like grey and brown that show you’re mature enough for a first date.

2. Wear a Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a no-brainer for so many events, but it can also work wonders on a first date. It can help you look sophisticated and confident. It will also make you appear approachable and less intimidating than a more casual outfit would.

Another good option is a jumpsuit. This style exudes easy romance and can be worn with strappy heels or flat sandals.

Whatever you choose to wear, avoid anything too trendy or fashion-forward. Clothing that’s too fancy can make you appear too materialistic and unapproachable. It’s also a good idea to choose something that fits well. If your clothes are too tight or itchy, you may end up squirming and fiddling with them during the date, which can be offputting to your date.

3. Add Pearls

Perhaps your first date doesn’t involve rockin’ out at a bar or sippin’ cocktails on a swanky patio. Well, don’t let that deter you from wearing a great outfit for the occasion. Instead, wear a single strand of pearls with a simple t-shirt and jeans combo.

Add a pair of black pointed heels to this look for a hint of sexiness. Finish the outfit with a beige or tan tote bag.

You can also add a dainty gold pendant necklace to your outfit for an added hint of elegance. Be careful not to over accessorize, however, as too many accessories can feel heavy and unattractive. The goal is to look chic and sophisticated on your date, not like you’re wearing an entire costume!

4. Go Casual Chic

Sometimes an outfit that’s easy to pull together and feels like second skin is the best choice for a first date. You don’t want to feel overly done up as that can be a turnoff.

You also don’t want to stray too far from your usual style as that may make you uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb is to dress up your casual clothes with a few flattering accessories and a natural makeup look.

Wearing tights and a cute pair of boots is an ideal way to elevate your everyday look, while shoes with a pop of color complement a wide range of casual styles. Keep your hair up in a simple ponytail or a side-swept fish braid to complete the look. A natural, light fragrance will round out your look.

5. Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Whether you’re fiddling with your hair, crossing your arms unconsciously, or hunching your shoulders, it may seem insignificant to you, but these little gestures can tell him a lot about how much interest you have in him. It can also send the message that you are nervous, defensive, or bored if you hold your hands with your arms crossed, fidget, and wring your fingers.

It’s also important to make sure that your makeup is in line with how you normally wear it. Putting on something completely different than you normally would can give off the impression that you are nervous and don’t really feel comfortable. Plus, it will be hard for him to get to know you if he can’t see the real you.